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In 1979 when Ed Almeida started his company which was named after himself, had one truck with very little equipment maintaining residential homes. Now over 30 years later with the help of his son Kevin Almeida as a Horticultural Technician and Landscape Designer and his son-in-law Phil Pinto who deals and maintains the construction part of the company. With the help of Kevin and Phil, Almeida Landscaping now has over 20 employees and over 30 properties ranging from small corporations to large condominiums and townhouses.

Why Almeida?

Almeida & Almeida Landscaping Ltd has 16 trucks on the road, with 5 maintenance crews and 2 construction crews. All of our staff is very well equipped with company uniforms, knowledge and professional high end equipment to get the job done right for our clients needs. If you do consider hiring Almeida & Almeida Landscaping Ltd, we will provide you with the best quality and service for your needs.


Most landscape maintenance contractors appear to offer a similar service, but a drive through any small high rise buildings to big town house complexes it reveals that there is a wide variety of results achieved. From grounds maintenance to seasonal color and tree and shrub care, our uniformed professionals will ensure that your property shows its best face to the world. Almeida and Almeida Landscaping Ltd. has focused on one thing: satisfying our customers grounds care needs. We deliver that satisfaction through our comprehensive range of expert services.
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Our comprehensive range of winter services include not only the standard plowing and application of ice melting materials, but also site patrol for ice and snow accumulations. We are there 24 hours a day, seven days a week no matter what happens. Almeida and Almeida Landscaping Ltd. understands the importance of maintaining your facility to have safe access for clients and employees, as well as keeping outdoor yards production levels maintained to keep customers happy.
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Our landscape construction department is fully equipped and staffed with experienced personal capable of undertaking any landscape project or improvement you have in mind, with Phil Pinto as Vice President of our Construction Dept. our company can lead our team to capture any project big or small, contact us today for an estimate at no cost. Our team strives to create high quality landscapes on time and on budget.
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